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21-7-2011 Tutorial matching dog collar and bracelet

When surfing the net i found this tutorial
matching dog collar and bracelt

I has very clear pictures and explanation on how to make it. You have to have some basic knowledge of how to do crochet.

Also changed my profile picture to suit my pull tab love for the moment. Still have to change my shop banner of my etsy shop though. It is still showing swarovski crystals.

365 project

14-7-2011 pull tab and black tye wraps basket

After the success of the first basket with the white tye wraps i decided also to make a black version. Here it is.

The white basket sold after a few days being online in my store. I was asked to cut the long ends from the tye wraps of, so i did. Here is the cut of legs version

365 project

3-7-2011 pull tab and whit tye wrap bowl

I made my own pull tab basket with white Tye wraps. It is made of 97 pull tabs. I took me 3 days of trying, cutting every lose and try again. I shorted my nails by pulling all the Tye wraps by hand. The next time I gonna use some pliers to pull it all. I like how it came out. You can out. I shot some pictures of it and put it in my etsy store. It already made an appearance in etsy treasury. This bowl in etsy treasury 🙂