365 project

day 53 red heart shaped pop tab earrings

On day 49 one of the comments was from memoriesforlifescrapbooks.
She said “Fun idea! They’d be cute painted red too :)”. So i decided to try that and make them red. The paint and vanish made them so thick i could not get a chainmaille ring around the middle any more. So I attached the earhook to the side.

365 project

day 52. Pop tab earrings with chainmaille on the side

Very busy studying for an exam on thursday, so this was a quick and dirty¬† (figure of speach ūüėČ )project.

I also re-photographed the chainmaille pop tab earrings for the etsy listing. Did not completly like the first version. They are very hard to photograph nicely, because of the bend surface

You can find them here pop tab chainmaill earrings in tabsolute etsy shop

I also listed the heart shaped pop tab earrings. They were way easier to photograph  in a nice way.

You can find them here heart shaped pop tab earrings in tabsolute etsy shop

365 project

day 51 Pop tab butterfly painting

How do you all like the new layout of my blog? I tried to make it easier to read. I just love the background picture I am using so I kept that.

In the beginning of this project I made a pop tab butterfly. I good etsy friend of mine ordered 3 of them. I made them today. I also gave me the idea to make this.

365 project

day 50. Pop tab candle holder

Woot :). I made it to day 50. To celebrate it I made a candle holder, with a burning candle.

365 project

day 49. Heart pop tab earrings

I am getting pretty handy at wire wrapping. I was not a first. In the first days of this project i made a wire wrapped chair. It looked messy. Now I can see, I am getting the hang of this technique.

Do you have nights when you wake up in the middle of the night and think of an object you must make. I did this night and here it is.

365 project

day 48 pop tab owl

Made a pop tab owl today. I was planning on it to be light grey. For my miniatures a bought about 14 different colors to make them, but i did not buy grey or dark brown. So it has become a black owl.

365 project

day 47. Pop tab pi painting

Geeking out again. Amy Phelps in Hickory, North Carolina  was making a pi a day. She chose to do pi . for the infinite (pun intended) possibilities. Those infinite possibilities fascinated me. I like to think i have infinite possibolites, so i decided to make a painting on the subject. Sadly she did not finished her 365 project. You can find it at http://seekingmeme.wordpress.com/