365 project

day 30 cow print pop tab earrings

I held off on making other pop tab earrings because I do not like the way I photograph them at the moment. How ever I take them, they are always a bit blurry. If I have more time, I need to experiment more with photographing them. I want to find a way that I am happy with the result I get.  Enough ranting about my photograph style.

Today i felt like making cow print pop tab earrings. I do not really know the english word to explain that is looks like cow skin. Can some help me out with that?


2 thoughts on “day 30 cow print pop tab earrings

  1. My camera has a macro mode and a super macro mode. Over time a learned how to shoot other small things very well. But with earrings I just can not find the right spot or something to make that great shot.


  2. The phrase “cow print” worked for me. I knew what it meant before seeing the photo.

    Using a tripod would probably help with the blurriness. I've also been told to use the timer. That way you don't jiggle the camera while pressing the button. Yet another thing I have been told is to hold your breath while pressing the button. I don't know if any of those ideas are new to you, but I thought I would mention them.


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