365 project

day 131. Blue pop tab angel keychain

Woot :)). I finally bought a tripod. I am so happy with it. I picture are not that blurry anymore, caused of me not holding my camera still. I now have to practice to get my light settings right,

And the last angel today. No more different colored petals left.

I took all the purple items out of the to do list. My camera makes all the purple items blue when I photograph it.

365 project

day 130 Red pop tab angel keychain

Naughty, naughty. Skipped a day again. Maybe I should think about making a little pop tab devil also

Today an angel again

365 project

day 129. Fan pop tab painting

Tribute to a friends blog who makes fans for 365 days. http://wheegina.blogspot.com/
I bought some drawing stuff yesterday and I am still in the drawing mood

365 project

day 128. Pop tab quote painting

Did this quote as a postcard in the beginning of this project. Felt like improving it today and made a painting of it. I like how it turned out. It was dark when i took this picture, so it looks a bit wierd.

365 project

day 127. Orange pop tab angel keychain

Do not worry only 3 other colors to go 😉

365 project

day 126. Pink pop tab angel keychain

The hot pink version today

365 project

day 125. Green pop tab angel keychain

I see green 😛  This time it is a green pop tab angel