365 project

Listing the last 3 pop tab butterfly fridge magnets

Back to listing again. I still had to photograph and list 3 butterfly fridge magnets. The orange, red and blue version. Today I did that. Here is a group picure of all of them. I past the 60 items in my shop, yeah ūüôā

365 project

day 150. Blue pop tab cross neckalce

Last version of this cross, blue chainmaille

365 project

day 149. Plain pop tab cross necklace

The full alumium version of the cross necklace. Only the blue version left.

365 project

day 148. My name in pop tabs on my desk

 Tribute to a friends blog. This time http://thetwinoaksplace.blogspot.nl/

You can also see a little bit of my cat that is sleeping on my desk

365 project

day 147. Pop tab cross green chainmaille necklace

And then green version. Only blue and aluminium left

365 project

day 146. Pop tab cross black chainmaille necklace

For a client I am making 4 different colors of the pop tab cross. I already made the brass chainmaille version. I am now planning to making the black, blue, green and aluminium version. Today the black version

365 project

day 145 Pop tab choker

Next step in my devellopment. Being secure enough to show myself in pictures. \o/

This is me and the choker I made.

Make pop tab items:

 * 1 fly and 1 butterfly plant sticks, so I can sell them as sets of two
* green crochet 4 leaf clover
* pop tab bag
* necklaces in the colors black, messing, blue, green and aluminium
* pop tab arm covers
* pop tab  can cozy (tabistry)
* pop tab pop tab pencil case (zip ties or crochet)
* red and sea shell version of my pop tab heart necklace
* pop tab necklace cross blue and aluminium
* pop tab fly in the color black, pink, red, blue, green, gold, orange
* crochet pop tab napkin rings
* earrings pop tab guy and girl, girl and girl an guy and guy
* earring 1 pop tab and swarovski crystal
* earrings 1 pop tab and chainmaille earrings in the colors black, messing, blue, green, aluminium
* earrings 2 pop tabs and chainmaille earrings in the colors black, messing, blue, green, aluminium
* pop tab pencil holder
* pop tab devil
* pop tab bowtie and tie with satin ribbon
* pop tab heart earrings red, seashell, white, black, blue, green
* pop tab choker wit fire opals crystals in between

 To buy list:

*serges (overlock sewingmachine)
* hairclips

 Photograph and list them

* photograph and list 7 necklaces
* photograph and list 2 bracelets


* ——

Make  non pop tab items

* drawstring jewelry bag (sewing width 4 inch, length 6 inch)
* floppy disc pen holder
* floppy disc bag
* woodburn rune birch  pendant (order necklaces)
* upcycled armwarmers with kneesocks (grey and purple)


* redo item descriptions on etsy
* read complete seller handbook