365 project

day 153 Qoute pop tab painting "Every cloud has a silver linning"

Finally I was able to make something for this project again. I was too stress out lately studying for upcoming exams, writing reports, etc. Just too much to do to focus on something relaxing. At the moment I am feeling more in control again and felt like making something just for fun again. Here it is 🙂

365 project

day 152. Pop tab "don’t worry, be happy" painting

I am somebody who tends to overanalyze everything, so this quote is a good one for me.

365 project

day 151. Pop tab dinner

It is honor a friends blog sunday again. This Sunday we honored: Genevive Daigle at www.dailycreativebygstar.blogspot.com  Her project follows Noah’s book. I picked the last entry and did my own interpertation

Work only with kitchen tools today.