cross stitch patterns

Cat pun, owl pun and fried egg

I added some puns and a fried egg to my shop. The owl puns was the idea of my of one of my buyers. I always love the ideas of other people. I am always up for challenge. Also English is not my native language, so I can us the help sometimes 😉

And this week there is also a free pattern at my craftsy store. A viking


cross stitch patterns

Unicorn and narwhal cross stitch design

Because unicorns and narwhals are very popular on etsy, I decided to to design them myself also.  You can find them both in my shop

I also add this cute spider as  free pattern to my craftsy store. If you follow the link you can download it there.


cross stitch patterns

Vehicle cross stitch line

This week I finished the vehicle cross stitch line and it is up in my shop

It was designed to be colorful boy room decor, but you can choose to use anyway you like of course 🙂

Now I am contemplating what kind of line I should do next. What would you like to see me do?  If you like you can leave your idea in the comments.

cross stitch patterns

Pink flamingo cross stitch

An other busy week. I getting my book keeping up to speed. I bought a new book keeping system and started to implement it. It is a lot of work to get all the transactions in I had in the last few months. But after that is done, it is much more efficient then the previous one I had.

Also this will be  the next kit I will adding in the future. A little pink flamingo.