cross stitch

Cat zodiac cross stitch line

When doing the previous zodiac line,  I got inspiration for an other one. One featuring my dressed cat line. You can the patterns here.


cross stitch patterns

Zodiac cross stitch line

Designed a 12 piece zodiac line that will fit a 3 inch hoop. You can find the patterns here.


cross stitch

Tea rex cross stitch

The totally finished tea rex cross stitch, framed and backed. You can find the pattern here


cross stitch

Turkey cross stitch

Okay, Steve the turkey is a little bit late for thanksgiving, but he is still really cut. You can find his pattern hereturkey.

cross stitch

Moon and catcus cross stitch kits

Completed more cross stitch kits for my shop. Added  5 kits with my moon pattern and 5 kit for my catcus pattern. Still working on 6 more kits, which hope to add to my shop in the upcoming weeks. My planning is to have them all launched before the end of februari. You can find them here.


cross stitch

Turtle cross stitch

Finished this cute little turtle cross stitch. You can find the pattern hereturtle2.

cross stitch

Cactus with pink flowers cross stitch

Finished and backed the cactus with pink flowers. You can find the pattern here.