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Pi neapple cross stitch

I finished and back this fun geeky pun. A pi neapple. You can find the pattern herepineapple2


cross stitch

Let’s taco about cross stitch

I finished and backed this taco pun cross stitch. You can find the pattern here.



cross stitch

Fros tea cross stitch

Finished and backed my tea pun fros tea cross stitch pattern. You can find it here.


cross stitch

Unicorn cross stitch

Finally finished and backed my pink unicorn cross stitch. You can find the pattern here.


cross stitch

Seahorse cross stitch

I finally was able to cross stitch one of my patterns myself again. I bought an embroidery stand at hawthorn handmade and it works for me. I can still not embroider for a long time, only about 30 min a day. But those 30 min a day give me chance again to do something that I love and find relaxing to do.

Now for what I did. Here is my seahorse pattern, you can find the pattern here.


cross stitch

I love you a latte cross stitch

I always enjoy designing a good coffee pun. You can find the pattern here.latte

cross stitch

Avocato cross stitch

People who been following me for sometime now, will know this. I have a soft spot for cats. So here is an other cat pun pattern, a avocato :).  You can find the pattern here.