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Google search

I opened google search today (21 September 2017) and love what I saw today. I saw thisgoogle I has a cute mouse, drinking tea and it has mouse embroidery hoops on the wall and is sitting on a embroidery floss bobbin. It has everything in it that a love :). Just had to write in down in blog so I can look at in the future.

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Ringcat VIP club

I have set up a weekly newsletter called the Ringcat VIP club

Members will get a weekly newsletter with:

  • updates on new designs in my store
  • special discounts that only members of the VIP club will get

If you subscribe before the end of April, you will get a coupon code in the mail so that you can buy 4 patterns and pay for 3.

Enroll here: Ringcat VIP Club

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Chainmaille crosses keychain

After making the chainmaille celtic stars, I wanted to try make a small chainmaille crosses keychains. I hope to make more chainmaille idea’s in the future. I always liked making chainmaille

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Chainmaille celtic stars keychians

After not posting for a long time on this blog I decided to start this blog up again. I had fun with it when i was using it, so why not use it again. I am still being creative. At the moment I spending my time mostly designing and making keychains. I still like to experiment with all kinds of techniques and making keychains gives me the free to do that. For instance I made  these chainmaille celtic stars keychains

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Amigurumi knight keychains

Made this set of cut amigurumi knight keychains. In the colors blue, red, light green and yellow

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Overhaul blog: now pop tab making items only

Did some overhaul on this blog. I took all the days out with items that were not pop tab related. I also removed the days were I only listed stuff I already made. After that I did a recount of all the pop tab blogpost. There are 173 days I made a pop tab item.  I am planning to keep this pure pop tab blog now.

I opened a second etsy store, where is show off items that I crochet. You can see it in the etsy mini on the right. It is called ringcat. Also items that I crochet using pop tabs will be shown of in it. If you would like to see what I do in both stores you can follow my tumblr account. You can find it here

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21-7-2011 Tutorial matching dog collar and bracelet

When surfing the net i found this tutorial
matching dog collar and bracelt

I has very clear pictures and explanation on how to make it. You have to have some basic knowledge of how to do crochet.

Also changed my profile picture to suit my pull tab love for the moment. Still have to change my shop banner of my etsy shop though. It is still showing swarovski crystals.