About me

Hi, my name is Monique. I am girl living in a flat with my 2 adorable cats. I am a girl that is creative, alternative and geeky. I have two different bachelor degrees, but enjoy being creative the most in life.

I love to be creative in every spare minute I have. I liked to try different techniques and materials. Techniques that I enjoyed were crochet, chainmailling, wire wrapping and beading.

In 2015 this all came to stop. It was discovered that I have a slowly progressive muscle disorder. I still wanted to stay creative and started looking for something that I could do. I discovered that I still could do cross stitch for short periods of time. Having more ideas for what I wanted to make, then I ever could make myself I started designing cross stitch patterns. The process of designing cross stitch patterns gives me the change to be creative again and I enjoy it a lot.