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I love you a waffle lot cross stitch

I started listing finished cross stitch projects made using one of my patterns that I designed this week. These are made by my cross stitch Sam. She did a lovely job.


If you want to make it yourself, you can find the pattern for it here in my shop

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Google search

I opened google search today (21 September 2017) and love what I saw today. I saw thisgoogle I has a cute mouse, drinking tea and it has mouse embroidery hoops on the wall and is sitting on a embroidery floss bobbin. It has everything in it that a love :). Just had to write in down in blog so I can look at in the future.

cross stitch patterns

10 tea cup animals cross stitch patterns

I launched my  “tea cup animals” cross stitch patterns line today. You can find them in my shop here .

I had some much fun with them I probably will do another tea cup animal line in the future.

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Cross stitch tailwind tribe

I started a cross stitch tailwind tribe this week, where people can share there cross stitch project pins for pinterest. If you like you can join here

cross stitch

Messy heart cross stitch finished

Finished my messy heart cross stitch and included some felt backing. Love this pattern, it just does not follow the rules. Pattern can be found here


cross stitch patterns

10 halloween cross stitch patterns

Finished the Halloween cross stitch line.  5 of them are cats and Halloween combined. You can find them here

cross stitch

Kit tea cross stitch finished

Finished my kit tea cross stitch and included some felt backing. Pattern can be found here

Finished kit tea cross stitch