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I love you a waffle lot cross stitch

I started listing finished cross stitch projects made using one of my patterns that I designed this week. These are made by my cross stitch Sam. She did a lovely job. waffle2

If you want to make it yourself, you can find the pattern for it here in my shop

cross stitch patterns

10 tea cup animals cross stitch patterns

I launched my  “tea cup animals” cross stitch patterns line today. You can find them in my shop here .

I had some much fun with them I probably will do another tea cup animal line in the future.

cross stitch patterns

10 halloween cross stitch patterns

Finished the Halloween cross stitch line.  5 of them are cats and Halloween combined. You can find them here

cross stitch patterns

Back to school and halloween

Finished moving to a new apartment, but still unpacking stuff. I had a little bit of time to design a few patterns. I designed to school buses and one Halloween design. I am planning to do some more Halloween inspired patterns after this one. You can find them all here 

cross stitch patterns

10 cat puns

This week I finished the cat pun line. You can find them in my online shop

cross stitch patterns

10 coffee puns

This week I finished my coffee pun cross stitch pattern line. You can find them all in my etsy shop

cross stitch patterns

Coffee and cat puns

At the moment I a working on a coffee pun and a cat pun series of 10.  I hope to finish the coffee pun series in the next two weeks. The cat pun series will take a bit longer to finish. I all depend on how much inspiration I have 😉

One of my coffee puns